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This is a truly spectacular bracelet! Set in handcrafted solid copper with intricate lacy bezels, three vintage intaglio glass cabochons have been reverse-painted to depict a beautiful island scene with a sailing boat and palm trees in the center link, Neptune sitting in his underwater paradise complete with trident and crown on the left side link, and a delightful mermaid playing with her pet fish, long hair swirling around her, on the right side link. Two very rare vintage copper links emblazoned with raised palm trees connect the intaglio links. Connected all together with copper links that I fashioned myself to copy the old-style links of other jewelry of the era. The clasp is composed of a stylized copper fish that I created out of copper and stamped the detail into, with a vintage copper fold-over clasp in keeping with the vintage era of the rest of the pieces. Vintage era estimated to be circa 1930-1950’s.

Measurements: Bracelet is 7-3/4″ from end to end. Intaglio cabochons themselves are about 1″ long and 3/4″ tall

If you wish, I can apply some strong jeweler’s varnish to the back sides of the links to help keep them from coloring your skin.

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