Cuff Bracelet Sizing

Cuff Bracelet Sizing

Adjusting your new cuff bracelet to fit properly

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Buy your cuff bracelet in a size that is close to your wrist size so that the adjustment you need to make is small. Measure your wrist with a measuring tape or use a piece of string or strip of paper. Wrap the tape around the narrow part of your wrist and then measure the length.

Most cuff bracelets can be adjusted 1/2 inch one way or the other, use this measurement as a guide when purchasing your jewelry. You will want to adjust your bracelet to fit your wrist so that it does not have to be done again every time you wear it.

Carefully open your bracelet by very gently, but firmly, pulling the two ends apart, so that it fits over your wrist from the side. Place the open part of the bracelet at the side of the narrow part of your wrist, moving far enough to be able to turn it into the correct position. When the bracelet is placed as you want to wear it, gently squeeze it just enough to fit comfortably, and so that it can still be removed by reversing the process.

The next time you put it on, it will fit perfectly. Over time, metal that has been repeatedly stretched and compressed will stress, and may form a crack or weakened area that can limit the life of the bracelet. Using the method described above, your cuff will fit every time you wear it without any further adjustments that may damage it.