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ERZULIE FREDA Voodoo Veve Charm

ERZULIE FREDA Voodoo Veve Charm

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Sterling Silver and Bronze charms are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Please be aware that the Gold veves are made to order and will generally take 3 to 5 weeks production time before shipment.

The Voodoo Goddess of Love and Beauty, representing romantic love, sweetness, and luxury. Erzulie Freda can be called upon to bring love and luxury to one’s life, but she is a little spoiled. She always wants more from her followers. Even in the midst of her wealth, the world disappoints her, and she reminds us that material wealth is not the only wealth we must strive towards.

As seen on the CBS show “NCIS: New Orleans”, this Black Water Siren Studio exclusive Erzulie Freda charm pendant was featured their Season 1 Episode 21 show called “You’ll Do”. The pendant is the main clue that is found on the murder victim’s body.

Completely hand carved, then cast in a solid metal of your choice, oxidized to bring out the detail, and polished to a high shine. It is detailed on both sides, and will look great no matter which way it is worn. Durable and hefty, a little over 1/16″ or 2mm thick, this is an enduring piece of art that will stand the test of time and become a family heirloom for generations.

Comes with a sturdy jump ring bail to wear on a chain or add to a charm bracelet. This does not include a chain. Please check the Accessories collection if you would like a chain to go with it.

Charm itself measures 13/16″ wide by 1-1/8″ long. 

The Goddess of love, sexuality, passion, pleasure and prosperity, Erzulie Freda is quite powerful in fulfilling these desires. Described as one of the most beautiful lwas, she is notoriously vain, a touch lazy, has multiple lovers and prefers to receive lavish gifts of perfumes, sweet cakes, jewelry and flowers for her help with your requests. Freda is the sister of Erzulie Dantor, and her opposite in every way. Where Dantor is a hard working single mother, Freda is a glamour girl. The mistress of three powerful spirits – Ogoun, Agwe and Damballah – she is said to be the most powerful sorceress in the pantheon. So pure and so good is Freda, that nothing malefic may happen in Her presence.

She is the lwa that can make most things possible with Love and Success; without her help, little can be accomplished, especially where relationships are concerned. All of our love spells are designed to obtain her assistance and in turn, thanking her with the appropriate offerings.

Like with many lwa, Erzulie has a darker side. She can be a bit of a drama queen and enjoys encouraging fantasies; even if some are not realistic. In these cases, she can become very sad, emotional and bitterly disappointed; you can feel that way as well when working with her.

Other aspects of Erzulie can include jealousy and anger, especially if ignored by someone when she is demanding their attention. This is why we must always please her and stay in her good graces should we seek her assistance.

Catholic counterpart: Virgin Mary. Due to the history of voodoo in America, the original practitioners were slaves and had to disguise their Spirits as members of the Catholic Church in order to worship them. Consequently, she was most similar to The Virgin Mary, not because of the virginal or immaculate conception concepts but because of her unconditional love aspects, empathy, compassion and willingness to help especially with love issues and relationships.

Sacred days are Tuesday and Thursday

Favorite Colors: Pink, Blue, Lavenders, Purple and Orange. Try to use them anytime you need her assistance. These colors can manifest with clothing, altar items, candles, gifts, bottles and even food.

Offerings: Sweet Cakes, Pink Champagne, Perfume, Flowers or Beauty Products. She loves anything beautiful and decadent.

Gemstones: Diamonds, gold

The Black Water Siren Studio rendering of this veve symbol is exclusively our own copyrighted design. Any imitation of our design shown here that is seen or sold elsewhere other than through Black Water Siren Studio is counterfeit, a violation of copyright law, and should be reported.

Gold price is based on $1835/oz (12-27-22) and is subject to change without notice based on daily market value.

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