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PAPA LEGBA Voodoo Veve Ring

PAPA LEGBA Voodoo Veve Ring

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Sterling Silver and Bronze charms are in stock and ready to ship immediately. Please be aware that the Gold veves are made to order and will generally take 3 to 5 weeks production time before shipment.

The Gatekeeper to the Spirit World, rituals begin with a prayer to Papa Legba to open those gates so that participants can gain access to the other lwas or deities. His symbol is the cross, which also symbolizes the intersection of material and spiritual worlds.

Beautifully and intricately detailed, this Black Water Siren Studio exclusive represents the Papa Legba voodoo veve, completely hand carved then cast in solid sterling silver, a ring band is added in your size, then oxidized to bring out the detail and polished to a high shine. Face of the ring is about 1-1/8" wide by 1-1/8" tall.

Papa Legba is the intermediary between the lwa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee and is believed to speak all human languages. He is always the first and last spirit invoked in any ceremony, because his permission is needed for any communication between mortals and the lwa - he opens and closes the doorway.

He is the great elocution, the voice of God, as it were. Papa Legba facilitates communication, speech and understanding. He is the guardian of portals, doors, and crossroads. Known as a trickster lwa, he's often portrayed as an older man leaning on a crutch, accompanied by one or more dogs.

Because of his position as gatekeeper between the worlds of the living and the mysteries, he is often identified with Saint Peter who holds a comparable position in Catholic tradition. He is also depicted as St. Lazarus, or St. Anthony. Papa Legba is viewed as young and virile, is often horned and phallic, and his shrine is usually located at the gate of the village in the countryside.

Legba is the wise teacher, the powerful communicator between the worlds, between all spheres of life and death, and the gatekeeper to the spirit world. His symbol is the cross because it is at the apex of this cross that heaven and earth intersect. Rituals begin with a prayer to Legba to open those gates so that participants can gain access to the other lwas. The veves of these other lwas are often drawn intersecting the branches of Legba’s veve to represent this. Legba is also strongly associated with the sun and is seen as a life-giver, transferring the power of Bondye to the material world and all that lives within it. This further strengthens his role as the bridge between realms.

Colors: Red
Catholic counterpart: St. Peter
Sacred Place: Crossroads, Doorways
Ritual Numbers: 3 or sometimes 21
Offerings: Coffee, Rum, Cigars, Keys, Cane

The Black Water Siren Studio rendering of this veve symbol is exclusively our own copyrighted design. Any imitation of our design shown here that is seen or sold elsewhere other than through Black Water Siren Studio is counterfeit, a violation of copyright law, and should be reported.

Gold price is based on $2032/oz (2-5-24) and is subject to change without notice based on daily market value.


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