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The design of this ring brings ancient memories stored deep in our DNA of viking warriors, tribal celebrations, history embellished on cave walls… Patterned sterling silver has been forged into a ring, distressed and antiqued to show detail. The edges have a polished primitive texture, and no matter what part of the ring you look at it is smattered with ancient petroglyphs of bear paws, spirals, stars, and spheres of polished silver.

Measurements: Width of the band is about 1/2 inch. This is a USA size 9. 

Silver: To provide hope, unconditional love, grounding and kindness while getting rid of negativity. It stimulates imagination. Energy conductor, eases stress and improves speech, feminine energy. Excellent for mental, emotional, and physical releasing and cleansing. Works on mind and emotions to see the big picture, emotional balance, patience. Like the moon’s energy, it has gentle, cool, smoothing effect. Thus it reduces inflammation, fever, nervous system stress. Works best as a communicator. Helps balance the functions of both sides of the brain. Mental activity is clarified. An increase in your ability to approach intellectual problems. Also thought to lessen anxiety over problem-solving. Silver is ruled by the Moon, a feminine planet, and therefore imparts a softened emotional energy to stones that are near it.

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