White Sapphire Cascade


White Sapphire Cascade Necklace, 14k Gold-Fill

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Eleven dazzling white sapphire faceted briolettes sparkle in a cascade to the center gem, accented with a tiny signature star. Securely fastened to a 14k gold-fill flat cable chain with a lobster clasp and two inch extension adorned with a single white sapphire. These jewels will go very well with most shades of white, as they have a slightly heirloom-like coloring to them.

Neclace is 18″ long up to 20″ long with a 2″ extension.

Sapphire is a long time symbol and guardian of purity, as well as representing truth, sincerity, and consistency. ¬†Known as the ‘stone of prosperity’. Helps to fulfill dreams and desires, and to bring peace and joy. They are also said to improve the judgment of their wearers, goal motivator, strengthens loyalty, highly evolved spiritual stone. When mounted on engagement rings, they are meant to symbolize the commitment and loyalty the presenter pledges to the partner.


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