Tropical Reef – Labradorite Pendant


Medium polished briolette on sterling silver

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A lively play of colors displays intense vivid blue above a lower area of orange and gold. The back is similar in coloring. I almost expect to see a school of tropical fish swimming through the underwater blue flash. The base color of the stone itself is a muted greyish moss green. The bail is a curvy, burnished sterling silver feather on the front, and has been soldered closed so it will not loosen. The pendant is suspended on a sterling silver small sized flat cable link 16″ chain with a small lobster clasp. I can add a 2″ extension chain or a different length of chain altogether if requested.

Labradorite: To promote calmness, intuition and enhance magical abilities. Brings recognition of destiny, connects one with the elements. Often regarded as a transformational stone that heals and balances the aura, labradorite is said to be protective during vulnerable growth stages and intense transitions. 6th (brow/third-eye) and 7th (crown) chakra. It assists one to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. It also enhances patience and an inner knowing of “the right time”. Labradorite occurs in metamorphic and igneous rocks and is in the feldspar category. The name is derived from the main source for this gemstone, which is Labrador, Canada. The ground color is dark smoke grey and when light strikes it in a particular direction, it displays striking rainbow-colored reflections. These flashes of violet, blue, green or even orange and red are known as labradorescence. Spectrolite is the trade name for a brightly colored variety of labradorite found in Finland.

Labradorite itself is about 1-1/4″ wide by 1-5/8″ long (32mm x 42mm).
With bail 1-7/8″ long (48mm).


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