Impressively punk



An impressively long three inch spike of an old-fashioned iron nail is double-wrapped in oxidized copper and strung on an chunky antique copper rolo chain, lobster claw clasp. Some of these have a little rust along the nail.
Perfect for a man or woman.

Necklace is about 18″ long. Length can be adjusted upon request.
Centerpiece itself is about 3/8″ wide by 3″ long including bail.

Iron – Human blood smells of iron of which it is largely constituted, and blood in many traditions is equated with the life-force, similarly iron and minerals have been attributed as being the blood or life-force of the Earth. Iron as the core of celestial bodies is referred to the as ‘bone’ or ‘core’ of the gods. Iron also has a magnetic quality. Pulls together feelings of being scattered, encourages survival, strengthens will, helps ground, gives confidence, common sense, level headedness.


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