Seaweed Bangle


Bronze and sterling silver bangle with gemstones
One Of A Kind

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A bronze bangle is lavishly embellished with bits of sterling silver and copper chains draped here and there. Spangled with faceted rondelles of peridot, aquamarine, and amethyst.

Measurements: Inner diameter is about 2-3/8 inches.

How to Measure Hand Size: Position your hand as if you are putting a bangle, with your thumb extended across your palm and reaching towards your pinky finger. Carefully wrap a soft measuring tape around your hand’s widest part – at the knuckles and thumb. This is your hand’s circumference.

Circumference Diameter Size
7 1/2 inches 2 3/8 inches Small
8 1/4 inches 2 5/8 inches Medium
9 inches 2 7/8 inches Large


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