Sea Horse with Labradorite Briolettes

Petite seahorse earrings with labradorite
42.00 SOLD



Delicate ribbons of patterned sterling silver frame a highly detailed coppery bronze sea horse accompanied by two tiny bronze stars.¬† Labradorite gemstone briolettes spark with green and gold below, accented by a tiny signature star. Shown in photos with labradorite.¬†Sterling silver French hook ear wires. Earrings are about 3/8″ wide by 2-1/4″ long including ear wires.

Sea Horse – Chivalry, Protection: When someone receives a Seahorse totem, their own sense of chivalry is awakened. The Seahorse also brings forth a time of romance. For women it is the time to choose her mate, and for men a time to seek out the right woman and court her. Seahorses also facilitate contact with Water Spirits who may take mortals into their favor and under their protection. Seahorses can be the bridge between the Spirit Water World and the Living World.


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