Bullet Hole Pendant with Garnet

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Created from bullet holes shot by yours truly during target practice, a screaming face in copper is set against a patterned backdrop of sterling silver. Small garnet cabochons are set in the eyes for pupils. Comes with a lightly antiqued long & short link 18″ sterling silver chain.

Measurements: About 1-1/2″ wide by 2″ long.

From the Bullet Hole Collection, I capture an iconic symbol of violence [the bullet] in its precise moment of impact [the hole]. I use what is physically not present to convey movement and action, to tell a story by inference, like using an echo rather than the voice itself. In doing so I create an unsettling beauty in my bullet hole jewelry with what many would consider to be an alarming, but very unique, choice of subject matter.

Garnet – Gives the wearer the quality of constancy and the ability to make deep and lasting friendships. Represents friendship, protection from harm, enhancement of self. Promotes new beginnings, compassion, courage and ends crisis. It is a power stone, and, according to legend, it guides its wearer when he’s traveling at night, and protects its wearer from nightmares and depression. Increases health, fidelity, imagination, and balances energy flow.


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