Paloma (USA Size 8)

Abstract ring with large ruby gem and sapphire accent
275.00 SOLD



It is 1965 and you’re feeling cool (in more ways that one) casually leaning an elbow on a small ironwork table in a Paris underground beatnik jazz club. Dressed all in black silk, your only accessory is a large, slightly Picasso-styled ring that captures the eye of a certain brooding musician onstage, an arresting concoction of street-smart beauty and troubled youth, intoxicatingly dangerous…

An unusually large, raw, natural ruby weighing a whopping 52 carats is framed between a slender copper bar patterned with a series of lines and dots, and four sturdy prongs. A backdrop of patterned and patinaed sterling silver holds a small bezel-set faceted sapphire of deepest indigo blue in one corner.  The band is embellished with a matching patterned copper bar running all the way around.

Ring is a US size 8
Face is 7/8″ wide by 1-7/8″ long.
Ruby itself is 3/4″ wide by 1-5/8″ tall by 3/16″ thick. 52 carats.

Ruby – To provide balance, stability, confidence, deflect negativity and aid in achieving goals. Ruby is given as a symbol of success, devotion, integrity, health, and passion.

Sapphire – Helps to fulfill dreams and desires, and to bring peace and joy. They are also said to improve the judgment of their wearers, goal motivator, strengthens loyalty, highly evolved spiritual stone.


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