Native American Black Horsetails


Natural horse tail earrings

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Gorgeous eight inch long tufts of black natural horse tail are wrapped with cotton in the classic Native American colors of the four directions. Surgical steel ear wires.

SOUTH (red): Healer, Love – from the South we experience growth, the direction where everything in life is replenished and in full bloom. The sacred plant of this direction is cedar. Avoid the following addictions:  living intensely (lighten up, in other words), seeking perfection, concentrating on what is not working instead of what is working, you  simply don’t have to know everything.

WEST (black): Visionary, Integrity – from the West we encounter reflection and spiritual insight, the direction where dreams and visions allow you to go within and appreciate yourself and your Creator. The sacred plant of this direction is sage. Avoid the following addictions: Free yourself from patterns of denial and self indulgence. Never say, “I’m just a housewife, I’m just a postal clerk, I’m just a veterinarian. The word “Just” does not exist within the context of the Visionary. Avoid, in other words, self-abandonment, always seeking approval, love, trying to keep the peace, looking for harmony at any cost.

NORTH (white): Warrior, Leadership – from the North we experience the purity, the direction where the secret to many cures is found for healing. The sacred plant being the Sweet Grass, to keep you free from evil and make your travels safe. Watch out for the shadow aspects of leadership: rebellion, power-over mentality, riding coattails of powerful people. Stand in the sweet territory of presence, communication, responsibility and position.

EAST (yellow): Teacher, Wisdom – from the East, we begin to seek knowledge, the direction where everything is fresh and new. The sacred plant of this direction is tobacco. Avoid the following fears: loss of structure, loss of turf, feeling out of control, feeling abandoned, looking always at a bleak future. Turn to your Healer Self to correct these things.


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