Mystic Sunrise

Mystic treated natural quartz crystals with copper
58.00 SOLD



Eleven rustic natural quartz crystal points are treated with a glowing iridescent peach mystic finish, alternating with primitive Ethiopian trade beads. An antiqued copper peanut link chain is finished with a lobster clasp and two inch extension.

Necklace is about 15-1/2″ up to 17-1/2 long with 2″ extension.  Average size of crystal points are about 7mm x 20mm.

Rock Crystal Quartz – Quartz crystals enhance and strengthen the meanings of other stones. Quartz symbolizes energy and helps people focus on a task. When used as a meditative device, quartz is believed to help energize and focus prayers or thoughts. Clear quartz represents clarity of mind and spirit. It may help a user see a situation more clearly and objectively, and may help recall details. Used as an aid in opening chakras in the body, quartz is especially significant in opening the Crown Chakra, which helps achieve spiritual consciousness. Helps balance emotional needs and desires. Can help a user find self esteem.


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