Meadow Feather Earrings


Abstract Motif with Opal and Amethyst
One Of A Kind

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Choosing the path less followed through a meadow full of blooming wildflowers, the dawn’s morning dew still sparkling on each leaf. A dove is cooing in the tree nearby and, as you glance up, a feather flutters softly to earth that Great Spirit wanted you to find. Small, abstract feathers with random embossed designs are accented with a spark-filled misty opal cabochon and a smaller purple amethyst cabochon off to the side. Sterling silver ear wires.

Measurements: Earrings are 1/2″ wide by 2-1/8″ long including ear wires.

Opal: represents good fortune, creativity, inspiration and imagination. Opal has a beneficial effect on the psyche, pouring balm on broken hearts and restoring inner harmony. In meditation opal is one of the most powerful stones for the soul. Opal is given and received as a symbol of hope, love, happiness, and truth.

Amethyst: energy shows the mind how to be humble so that the door to the higher mind can be opened. The inner calm and peace initiated by this stone enable one to dive deep into the ocean of silence and participate in the serenity that exists beyond constant mental activity. Amethyst could be called the “soul stone” because it communicates directly with that level of being. It initiates deep soul experiences. Because of the calming mental effect, amethyst is a stone that can be used for overworked, over stressed or overwhelmed mental states. It is one of the best stones to use for tension or migraine headaches as it eases the mental anxieties that tend to cause such conditions. Amethyst is also helpful for people suffering recurrent nightmares.


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