Maman Brigitte Ring


Available in sterling silver and 14K gold



Beautifully and intricately detailed, this Black Water Siren Studio exclusive represents the Maman Brigitte vodou veve, completely hand carved then cast in solid sterling silver, a ring band is added in your size, then oxidized to bring out the detail and polished to a high shine.

Maman Brigitte is the Voodoo Goddess of Death. She is the one of the Ghede loas, the deities associated with money, death and fertility. Her husband is Baron Samedi, the leader of the Ghede. Maman Brigitte protects cemeteries, especially graves that are marked with a cross. Since Voodoo combines elements of Christianity with native African beliefs, the cross symbolizes both the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the crossroads, where the human world intersects with the divine.

Maman Brigitte is a tough-talking, sarcastically funny goddess who uses a lot of obscenities. She is both the queen of the cemetery and a just judge. Some also claim Brigitte is the protectress of sex workers. Some reports say Maman Brigitte is originally Celtic in origin, descended from Brigid, the Celtic goddess of poetry, smithcraft, and healing.

Catholic counterpart: Saint Brigid, Mary Magdalene
Colors: purple, black
Number: 9
Offerings: black roosters, hot pepper, elm, weeping willow

The Black Water Siren Studio rendering of this veve symbol is exclusively our own copyrighted design. Any imitation of our design shown here that is seen or sold elsewhere other than through Black Water Siren Studio is counterfeit, a violation of copyright law, and should be reported.

14K yellow gold ring is shown withtThree 2mm faceted stones set at the base of the top three crosses: white diamond, amethyst, black diamond.

Gold price is based on $1867/oz (7-22-20) and is subject to change without notice based on daily market value.


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