Magnolia Prayer Beads


Organic magnolia seeds



This bracelet is created with German/Bohemian prayer beads I found while visiting my son in Europe. Strung with thirty gorgeous natural red magnolia seeds in three sequences of ten, like a chaplet, and accompanied by sterling silver Bali beads. Sterling silver lobster clasp. Misc fact: A strand of these vibrant prayer beads is worn on the likeness of Johnny Depp in Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Berlin.

Bracelet is 8″ long. I can make this shorter by using fewer beads. Magnolia seeds are organic so it is recommended to avoid immersing them in water.

MAGNOLIA -Promotes psychic development. Aids meditation and spiritual opening. Promotes harmony, peace, tranquility. Increases love and loyalty; reduces the power of addictions and obsessions, especially smoking; helps skin problems; restores strength after a long illness. Magnolia is for opening the heart to receive the essence of love from the Angelic realms. They sing their praises as we are reminded of the purity from whence we came. Along with the Angelic song that was brought through these beautiful Magnolia flowers, is the joy that Divine Love is. With Magnolia, the raising of your vibrational resonance occurs as well as clearing and purifying the cellular system within your body. It offers these energies to bring balance, harmony and peace within. It also brings freshness and cooling to heated or unsettled situations. Magnolia allows you to connect with and become a vessel of Divinity, holding these energies while remaining grounded with the Earth. The energies of the Divine are Love and All-Knowing and this essence connects you with the guidance and wisdom of your Higher Self and Soul. The Magnolia species projects an ancient energy which is in alignment with the ancient energies of mankind on this planet Earth. These energies connect you with your own ancient heritage and Divine wisdom.


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