Lichen Moss Ring


Sterling Silver, Copper
One Of  A Kind

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Reminiscent of the lichen I found softly falling from the trees in the Scottish Clava Cairns; palm sized patties of natural pastel green lace that form on the branches of trees, then fall to earth, immortalized in copper and nestled in a shallow bowl of sterling silver. The band has a matching pattern striped across the middle. The back of the bowl underneath depicts a forest of pines with birds flying high above.

Measurements: Ring face is 1-3/8″ diameter. Ring is USA Size 8

A lichen is not a plant. It has no roots that suck up water. It’s not a hybrid, a genetic mix. It’s not a single organism at all. Instead, imagine a strange animal with a plant always wrapped around it, the plant making food for the two of them and the animal providing stability. A lichen is always a pair.


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