Ceramic Bird Statement Ring
US Size 7.5 – fits 7 with wide band
One Of A Kind

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A wide textured bronze ring holds a large multicolored raku-fired ceramic bird. The bird is turned diagonally, securely riveted and glued to a peg through the center. Ring size is approximately US size 7.5, and with the width of the band at 3/8″ will fit a size 7 finger comfortably.

Because this bird is ceramic, any significant whack on it will chip it, so you must be conscious of your hands when wearing it. I have one of my own, and I am very careful to be graceful when I wear it. I also would not immerse it in water. It is like wearing a sculpture – very impractical and delightful, and will net you a load of compliments for its beauty and your outrageous audacity.

Bird wing span measures 2-7/8″ wide. Beak to tail is about 1-3/4″ long. From top of ring band to highest point is about 1-1/” tall.

Bird created by Harry Wood of Oscar Crow.


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