Element: Chevron Necklace


Timelessly classic, aged bronze jewelry

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They crossed the desert in colorful caravans, constant breezes snaking through long frayed full skirts and billowy tattered sleeves of dark-skinned travelers. They wore their wealth around their necks and wrists, in their hair and on their ears and fingers. Gleaming gold talismans, buttons, coins flashing in the sun, work-worn bangles, rings, and trinkets shimmering in the heat, golden combs and rough-hewn earrings glinting out through wild, unruly manes of ebony hair.  Their eyes were bottomless, velvet brown and soulful, those eyes held the laughter, tears, and patience of all the generations who traveled this way before them. We were mesmerized by the music of these gypsies, tinkling metal, rustling silk, lyrical voices hailing each other in a melody of a few ancient words. The heat was dry and so heavy, like a strong sedative enveloping us. Was it all a mirage, a vapor of an ancient pilgrimage, their time overlapping with ours in the shifting heat…

Elegant, elemental, timeless. A bronze chevron has been hammered against an old railroad track to instill an ancient, timeless feel, finished a satiny sheen, then suspended from black-plated brass chain with a lobster clasp. Created in bronze (92% Copper, 8% Tin). The bronze has been given a coat of lacquer to prevent tarnishing.

Measurements: Necklace is about 18″ long. Centerpiece is about 1-1/2″ wide by 1″ long. I can add an extension chain if requested.


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