Blackbeard’s Ship

One Of A Kind asymmetric earrings with tourmaline, moss agate, and bone
85.00 SOLD



Abstract, asymmetric earrings featuring multiple stampings of a skull and crossbones, a circle of copper contains a hand-carved bone skull and tourmaline rondelles within. Dangling chains culminate in brass anchors and faceted agate briolettes. Cabochons of contrasting pink tourmaline and green moss agate bejewel the main plank, and tourmaline rondelles and copper Bali beads adorn the sterling silver ear wires. Earrings are about 1″ wide by 3-3/4″ long including ear wires.

The most famous of all famous pirates, the name Blackbeard is almost synonymous with piracy. Unlike the other famous pirates, Blackbeard was as much of a showman and he was a pirate. Although Blackbeard had a reputation for being ruthless, once he took what he wanted, he would often drop his victims off on the nearest shore and steal the boat. His victims were almost never marooned; he often left them near villages since he had no plans of staying around these villages to be captured.

Blackbeard had a reputation for being the devil, and he worked hard to cultivate this image. He wove cannon wicks soaked in fat in his beard so he could light them on fire just before he boarded a ship. (Soaking them in fat made the wicks burn slower, so they were less dangerous the Blackbeard himself.) Some say Blackbeard carried as many as 5-12 guns on his belt, so he wouldn’t have to waste time reloading, and as many as three cutlasses. He could actually fight with a cutlass in his teeth.

When Blackbeard boarded a ship, hair smoking, a gun or a cutlass in each hand, and a cutlass in his teeth, people usually surrendered without a fight.

Blackbeard’s death was also the stuff of legends, even among famous pirates. Lieutenant Robert Maynard finally caught up with Blackbeard off the coast of Ocracoke. The battle was especially gory, at least for Blackbeard. Blackbeard continued to fight even with 20 stab wounds, including one in his throat, and five gunshot wounds, including one near his heart. He also managed to break Maynard’s sword in half. After Blackbeard’s death, Maynard put Blackbeard’s head on the front of his ship for the return trip to England, and threw his body overboard. They say that Blackbeard’s body circled the ship six times before finally going under.


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