Autumn Leaves

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Large bronze maple leaves encircle a naturally shed, unpolished and unaltered, deer antler point. Polished bezel-set 3mm cabochons of garnet, carnelian, and citrine reflect the autumn colors of turning leaves. A twisted vine of copper creates the bail on top.

Garnet – Gives the wearer the quality of constancy and the ability to make deep and lasting friendships.  Represents friendship, protection from harm, enhancement of self. Promotes new beginnings, compassion, courage and ends crisis. It is a power stone, and, according to legend, it guides its wearer when he’s traveling at night, and protects its wearer from nightmares and depression. Increases health, fidelity, imagination, and balances energy flow.

Carnelian – A love stone, thought to have the power to awaken passion and desire.

Citrine – Augments happiness, prosperity, generosity, creativity, pleasure, protection, strength, alignment, confidence, stability, moderation, energy, comfort, career success, truth, goodness, warmth, enjoyment of life and spiritual growth.

Pendant is about 3/4″ wide, antler tip is 3-1/4″ long, pendant with bail is total 3-5/8″ long.


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