Aqua Aura Princess


Gorgeous aqua aura natural crystal cascade earrings in 14k goldfill

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Naturally formed rock quartz crystals have been treated with an aqua aura finish, created by a process that permanently fuses a molecular bond of pure 24k gold onto the surface of the crystal. Each crystal has been wrapped in fine 14k gold-fill wire and attached to a sparkling flat cable chain in a delicate ethereal cascade. 14k gold-fill ear wires.

Earrings are about 1/2″ wide by 2-12″ long.

Aqua Aura combines both the properties of quartz and gold, producing a very intense energy. It stimulates the fifth (throat) chakra and is used to cleanse and smooth the aura, to activate all chakras and to release negativity from ones emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual bodies. It is also used to activate the energy of other minerals for healing.


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