Ancient Scroll Ring – USA Size 8


Royston Ribbon Turquoise
One Of A Kind

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A very rare formation of Royston ribbon turquoise featuring a yellow stripe with a moss green pattern running the length of it. I have never seen anything like this amazing patterning until now, and haven’t seen this type of ribbon turquoise anywhere else but from the exceptional cutter I was able to acquir a few of these stones from. This beautiful cabochon is set in sterling silver with a Native American inspired old-style border. The ring is suitable for guys or gals with this old rustic style.

Measurements: Face of the ring is 1-1/16″ long by 7/8″ wide. Stone itself is about 22x18mm. USA Size 8.

Turquoise represents protection, serenity, balance and strength. It brings clarity, induces wisdom, attracts friendships, luck and happiness. Good for open communication, creativity, serenity, spiritual bonding. Truly reflects the individual carrying or holding it. Tunes into the energies of the person and transmits them back into the world. Can also assist in getting more in tune with others. A popular stone with creative problem solvers. Meant for those who wish to communicate. Beneficial for the entire body.


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