The principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others
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Asymmetric abstract earrings in sterling silver and copper depict, not the Sacred Heart, but the inside – the Element – the flame of passionate devotion. The conventional chains that bind have been broken through unwavering faith, a halo of bronze represents divine spirituality. Glowing amber and carnelian nuggets dance and sway like Divine Flame, a bezel-set polished red garnet portrays a drop of sacred blood of the Christ Being.

Measurements: About 7/8″ wide by 3″ long, including ear wires. Sterling silver ear wires.

Amber – Believed to be a healing stone. Brings good luck and helps to turn dreams into reality. Calming for hyperactivity and stressed nerves, aids in finding humor and joy.
Carnelian – A love stone, thought to have the power to awaken passion and desire.
Garnet – Gives the wearer the quality of constancy and the ability to make deep and lasting friendships.  Represents friendship, protection from harm, enhancement of self. Promotes new beginnings, compassion, courage and ends crisis. It is a power stone, increasing health, fidelity, imagination, and balancing energy flow.


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