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Bullet Holes

Art is in my blood, my soul; to create art is the reason I was put here on earth. In the twenty years that I have been a professional jewelry artist, I have felt the ever-present conflict between my conservative side of myself and my wild bohemian side, the gainfully employed adult versus the free artistic spirit. I constantly see dichotomy in the world around me as well as within myself; I see beauty in objects that create a sense of uneasiness, even fear in others. For me there is a concurrent sense of balance, a yin/yang, within the inherent conflict of perceptions.

After moving to Montana in 2006, I found myself becoming creatively restless, wanting to reach deeper and unleash a more primal nature, a grittier creativity. By using my art to provocatively confront the uncomfortable feelings that force us to stare at a train wreck even though we want to look away, I feel that I am fulfilling my divine purpose, to touch people and change them in some way that they otherwise might not have achieved alone.

In my latest conceptual jewelry series, the Bullet Hole Collection, I capture an iconic symbol of violence [the bullet] in its precise moment of impact [the hole]. I use what is physically not present to convey movement and action, to tell a story by inference, like using an echo rather than the voice itself. In doing so I create an unsettling beauty in my jewelry with what many would consider to be an alarming, but very unique, choice of subject matter.

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