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I Quit

It wasn’t always this way. I wasn’t always a free spirit professional artist following my heart. In fact I spent decades fighting myself. I was an executive and legal secretary for many years, working at numerous offices and corporations. Those jobs never lasted very long; I was so efficient I could turn any full time[…]

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My wonderful son left yesterday after spending three weeks with me. It was his first time coming to visit me in Montana. We had lots of fun; we did target practice, got my old Triumph running again, hiked up a big hill, went to a gun show. We customized an old leather jacket with his[…]

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The holidays are sweeping past, and the new year is fast approaching. I’ve already started gearing up for the new resolutions I’ve decided to achieve. My new year will be starting the day after Christmas, no sense waiting until January 1st. As usual, I have more on my list that I can ever hope to[…]