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As Seen On TV!

I recently got a call from the CBS props manager for the TV show “NCIS New Orleans”. They are going to use my voodoo charm Erzulie Freda in their show in Episode 1-21. Air date for this episode is April 28, 2015. What a thrill!

Erzulie Freda


1 thought on “As Seen On TV!

  1. Hi Cyndia,Congrats on getting Freda’s Veve & you on NCIS~!! The Spirits are truly blessing you 🙂 I have a friend who lives in Haiti & she was showing some of your beautiful work on F.B too. Your jewelry & gorgeous creations just keep getting better & better.Anyway, I would like to have a silver chain attached to the pendant for Danto that I have ordered.I was wondering if that is possible & what the price would be for a 21″ chain? I haven’;t finished my order because I want to add the chain if possible.Thank you very much,Sincerely,Lise

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