About Cyndia, The Artist

about the artist CyndiaI am a self-taught metalsmith and jewelry artist. Jewelry has been a life long passion for me; my earliest memories are of a large box of my mother’s costume jewelry, which I would spend hours taking apart and redesigning as a young child. I have been creating original art jewelry ever since, drawing inspiration from my environment, personal experience, and intuitive talent.

Art is in my soul. In the twenty-six years that I have been a professional jewelry artist, I have felt the ever-present conflict between my conservative side of myself and my wild bohemian side, the gainfully employed adult versus the artistic free spirit. I constantly see dichotomy in the world around me as well as within myself; I see beauty in objects that create a sense of uneasiness, even fear in others. For me there is a concurrent sense of balance, a yin/yang, within the inherent conflict of perceptions. I feel that I am fulfilling an important aspect of my divine purpose: To touch people and change them in some way that they otherwise might not have achieved alone.